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Are you a sporting clays enthusiast with a desire to break more targets? Are you stumped by certain target presentations? Regardless of the technique you most often use to break targets with a shotgun, you will encounter a handful of target presentations that prove difficult to break. In “Target Tactics for Sporting Clays”, the sequel to “Focus-Movement-Faith”, Don Currie rejects the premise that a shooter needs only one “stroke” to break all target presentations. Just as professional golfers must be able to draw or fade a golf ball, sporting clays shooters need more than one technique to raise their game to a competitive level. Currie personally explains and demonstrates the seven target tactics you need for breaking any and all presentations on the sporting clays course. He guides you through target analysis, pre-shot planning, tactic selection and successful execution. From Battues to Rabbits to Chandelles to looping targets and long crossers… arm yourself with the tools you need to break more targets.

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